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9th May 2012Posted in: Blog 0

Edith Adams. A fictional persona, but a cherished part of Vancouver’s history nonetheless – one that came to life in the Sun Tower.

The Vancouver Sun‘s Edith Adams was a much-loved institution for nearly three quarters of a century, and an important household icon within the Sun Tower. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it seems only fitting to look back at the woman who played such an important role in our city’s culinary history.

Marianne Linnell, one of many Edith Adams, at Edith Adams Cottage.

Although Edith Adams was in fact a fictional persona created by The Sun, her contributions to Vancouver’s kitchens and households were real. From 1924 to 1999, various women, including Brenda Thompson and Marianne Linnell, kept Edith Adams Answers column alive, sharing recipes and answering culinary questions.

Edith Adams' Cottage entrance in the Sun Tower.

According to Mia Stainsby’s Word of Mouth, Edith Adams really came to life in the Sun Tower, with the acquisition of Edith Adams’ Cottage. The Sun Tower years were Edith’s golden years. Women flocked to the Cottage for advice and avidly collected her cookbooks, which were compiled of readers’ prize-winning recipes. Inside, staff busied themselves testing recipes, writing stories, organizing household tips and answering questions about cooking and homemaking.

The Sun Tower side entrance on Beatty Street.

Today, the Edith Adams Cottage staff entrance is the side entrance for all Sun Tower tenants. And although the inside has been completely renovated, there is still certainly a sense of nostalgia when you walk through those doors.